Apocalypse Rising (NEW ROBLOX GAME CHEAT!!! NO CLIP)

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This Exploit Is Not Mine. But Thanks To
For making this possible.

DLL Download: https://wearedevs.net/releases.html

IDS: http://pastebin.com/wzYVh7QG

Buy XeNo from here! https://discordapp.com/invite/Q5M9GQh
XeNo Bonus Features:
vehicletp (serversided)
skingiver (client sided but shows to everyone in server just doesnt save)
kick (serversided)
carspeed (only changes speed for urself so client-sided)
nofog (client sided)
delcamgui (deletes the fog thing when you zoom out)
nocamlimit (name is self explanatory)
kill (server sided)
bring (server sided)
goto (server sided)
heal (server sided)
spawn (server sided)
1. Download the DLL file from the link provided.
2. Join Apocalypse Rising.
3. Choose any server.
4. Spawn in.
5. Open your injector.
6. Select RobloxPlayerBeta.exe
7. Inject the dll
8. Wait for it to pop up.
9. Profit?

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Song: Papa Ya – Sunny
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Here > Roblox Hack