How to BECOME ADMIN in Roblox 2020 Tutorial

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In this video, I will show you how to become an Admin in Roblox in 2020. If you want to become an admin, this video explains it.

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0:01 – Giveaway Information
0:56 – How to become an admin

How to hack in roblox mobile, I’ll show you step by steps in how to use hacks properly if you need any questions free to use the comment section 🙂

Big thanks to poke_ for updating this sicks script

Do they work on
Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to use these scripts on iOS or iPadOS. Jailbreaking will not work, as there is no official app support for the iOS platform

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if you’re still confused the toturial you could watch also the tutorial wasn’t a full tutorial

Here > Roblox Hack