How to exploit/hack on Roblox mobile ROBLOX MODMENU APK

Here > Roblox Hack

Quick you are responsible for anything that happens over at Roblox, (your account)
if you have chosen to do this you may proceed with warning… anyway have fun.

Download for

If you don’t understand the video
1. Uninstall Roblox
2. go to chrome
3. Go to the link above
4. Press the big green button for download
5. It’ll start downloading
6. After its done press open
7. Press install below
8. It’ll install (you are installing Roblox but with a modmenu)
9. Press open when done
10. When done press open
11. It’ll bring you to settings to enable display over apps
12. enable it
13. exit out of the settings by swiping
14. go to Roblox, login, AND YOU ARE DONE!

—- Works on any game —–

Here > Roblox Hack