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► @actually.mj

1. I’m A kid Friendly/Family Friendly YouTuber On A Mission To Bring You Funny And Entertaining Videos! 😊
2. My Name Is Makenzie But I Get Called MJ For Short. 😉
3. I Try To Do Daily Uploads And Sometimes More! 👍
4.One Goal Of Mine Is To Entertain Viewers And Make Interesting Content!
5.One Of The Many Things I Have To Tell You NEVER Give Up When Times Are Hard, Just Keep Trying And Practising Or Training And You WILL Get Better!
6.I Have 2 Sister And 1 Brother! They Might Be In My Videos When They Grow Up!

My Main ROBLOX Games, You Might Meet Me On These Games!


ROBLOX Dogeball 👇 ►
Natural Disaster 👇 ►
Hide And Seek Extreme. 👇 ►

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