ROBLOX Free ROBUX & Premium Microsoft Rewards 2020 WINDOWS 10

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Today, I am going to show you how to get free Robux in about a week through Microsoft Rewards.

Link that should

NOTE – This is not an instant process, this normally goes over a few days before you can redeem 80 Robux (which is $1.25 credit).

If you want Premium, you just need to save up enough to get the credit for Premium.

1) Windows 10
2) Windows 10 Roblox App
3) Microsoft Account (in a supported country, if not, create a new one and use a VPN)

Even if you do see the redeem codes or whatever, they have already been used up so they can’t be used again.

If you think this may be a scam or wonder why in the world Microsoft would just give away free gift cards by searching random stuff, it is most likely to gain new followers for Bing (which, obviously less people use compared to Google) and to show new offers (like new Surface laptops and such).


Issue resolved. Redeem your gift cards!

Not available in my country?
Unfortunately, this method may not work. I suggest going on the Microsoft Community (their forums) and asking when it will be available in your country. The thing is, you could use a VPN (such as Windscribe, Betternet, Hotspot Shield) to create a US Microsoft Account, but it would also require a US phone number, which is not possible to provide unless you have someone else in the United States who you could forward the text to.

My Try to find someone in the United States (or other supported country) with that phone number.

Wait so how is this free?
I believe Microsoft made this to promote their services (Bing most notably, as it was previously named Bing Rewards, and Bing isn’t that popular). The way you get points is by searching on Bing or by doing Bing quizzes.
Does MS Credit work?
Yes, as long as it is the Microsoft Store one. It should come in increments of $1.25, $3, and $5. Take a screenshot and send it if unsure
It doesn’t let me buy!
Try changing your address to one in California (doesn’t even have to be yours) since taxes might be playing a role.

You earn points through Microsoft Rewards, which you buy a gift card with. You use that gift card to buy robux.

Here > Roblox Hack