Roblox Hacker Day 18th March 17 – John Doe and Jane Doe will Return!! I talk about alleged Hackers!!

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Roblox Hacker Day 18th March 17 - John Doe and Jane Doe will Return!! I talk about alleged Hackers!!

Will John Doe and Jane Doe return on the 18th of March 2017 on Roblox Hacker Day? I talk about alleged Hackers in Roblox, come find out what it’s all about 😀

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★ Roblox Info ★

Roblox was created with the goal of being one of the most easily accessed, collection of multiplayer online games (MMOs) on the internet and of course, to do that, their main feature would have to be the games category itself.
Recently, Roblox implemented a system that allows you to convert Robux (in-game currency) into real life money which allows game developers to work on their games as a job. Although you can’t make too much money from this system yet, you can still make quite a decent amount and it’s great for interns and teenagers that want to make some money before they get a ‘proper’ job. Game developing is obviously the best way to make money from ROBLOX at the moment however you can also do this through trading, etc.
Currently, there are 14 different game categories on Roblox, these are: Adventure, Building, Comedy, Fighting, FPS, Horror, Medieval, Military, Naval, RPG, Sci-Fi, Town and City, Sports and Western. Each of these categories have their own sets of diverse games within them. These will allow you to find your ideal game much easier and allow developers to reach their designated fans.
At the time of making this, Pokemon Brick Bronze is the top Adventure game. Retail Tycoon is the top Building game. Dragon Ball Rage is the top Fighting game. Phantom Forces is the top FPS game. Murder Mystery 2 is the top Horror game. Armoured Patrol is the top Military game. Imperium is the top Medieval game. Pirate Wars is the top Naval game. Dinosaur Simulator is the top RPG. Clone Tycoon 2 is the top Sci-Fi game. Legendary NFL Football is the top Sports game. MeepCity is the top Town and City game and finally, the top Western is Horse Valley.

★ Fraser2TheMax Info ★

Kid Gaming YouTuber Fraser2TheMax is a kid and family friendly, Let’s Play Kid YouTuber. Born in Scotland but living in Spain, Fraser uploads daily as well as streaming at least once a week, sometimes more depending on the occasion. He has uploaded over 300 videos since his first video upload on the 7th of December, 2015. Although he uploads videos on Minecraft and other games, he focuses on ROBLOX.
Fraser has publicly said that he takes inspiration from other massive gaming YouTubers, DanTDM and EthanGamerTV as well as a few others.
His channel has been growing quite quickly for a ‘smaller’ channel like his and it helped that he has made collaborations with SallyGreenGamer and even meeting DanTDM in real life and playing with him on his Minecraft Realm (aka, private server on the game Minecraft).
He is also known to be friends with many other Roblox YouTubers such as AlvinBlox, ProductiveMrDuck, Laugh It Up Gaming, etc.

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Here > Roblox Hack