The Day Tix Were Removed From Roblox

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Me and my friend Sally, visited this Tix removal doomsday bunker.
Ofcourse, we knew that wouldn’t protect us from the real removal…
We were here with these people, waiting for the removal to happen.
And we kinda played along with the nuclear Tix apocalypse thing.
The first 10 minutes of the video, is people mostly going insane.
Past that, stuff kinda becomes weird and funny at the same time.
Followed by a short emotional memorial in remembrance of Tix.

Tix item in the catalog after the removal?:



Fun was eating a hamburger while recording this.

video was made to capture the pure madness going on in Roblox as Tix was being removed. That’s why this video is so long. It was for future generations of Roblox players to see what it must’ve been like. Many games had this going on, and many were made just for the specific day itself. Like the place in this video. Yes, it was a very chaotic day.

R.I.P Tickets 2007-2021

Update 2021: This is my first video ever to reach 1 million views! Thanks guys! ;d

Thank you for watching the video! 😀

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