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This video showcases some stuff about our script, CLOVR, and is the first video with the added 3rd person view camera

This is an exploit/script, meaning this is not used natively by Roblox. By using an Oculus Rift CV1, I’m able to use exploits to simulate a full-body, VR character that you can use in nearly any game on the platform. All the things you see in this video were developed by my friend and I; this includes the full-body simulated positioning, tool equipping, and 3rd person camera. This script is to inspire more developers, and more frankly for Roblox, to make more VR games and improve the current build of VR API, it is honestly a piece of crap.


As with all exploits, things get patched. Expect some functionality to change over time, as CLOVR will likely not exist forever.

The virtual reality API Roblox currently uses is terrible, and it is diminishing the potential for Roblox to add a new variety of games. The API simply isn’t good enough for today’s standards to make a functional game that uses VR, which is the main reason there are less than 10 VR games that are actually played as of Feb 26th. There is no other game engine that makes it easy for young developers to create their own VR game, and Roblox already has grounds which offer such developing opportunities. Improving the outdated, 2021 installment of VR needs to be dealt with.

1. town hall and tom nook’s store
2. You’re Nice House Remix – decay
3. Wooden Bear – SSPM

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